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How to Do a SEO Website Audit, Step by Step


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Calling all digital marketers, web developers and website owners! Learn how to correctly evaluate your (or your client’s) website for SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is more than just placing keywords on your site, you could have overlooked major problems that are hurting your SEO performance.OverviewIn this course you will learn to do a step by step SEO audit of a website to uncover those problems as well as find opportunities to grow your organic traffic. I go beyond just teaching the concepts of SEO that you can read about, this is a hands on course that walks through an audit of a real eCommerce site. If you don’t know much about SEO, don’t worry, I tell you WHY I’m doing the check and then show you HOW to do the check, using only FREE tools.In the 75 plus lectures in this course, we’ll check the accessibility, on page factors such as meta tags, engagement metrics and authority of the site. You’ll get a good grounding in Technical SEO, and you will also learn and apply concepts like domain authority and content quality.At end of the course you will have a completed checklist of your site’s SEO issues and a greater understanding of SEO.You will be able to download a checklist and a list of tools needed for the SEO audit.Students have said:”Out of 8 courses I have done on Udemy on this subject matter, this course is by far the best on all scores””… very informative course.””This course is excellent. All the information is explained in such a way that I don’t need any clarification.” New lectures added! 3 new lectures on Page Speed and Core Web Vitals.


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