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SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2021


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JUNE 2021 UPDATE Dear student,This is the SECOND EDITION of this course.The first edition was published in 2019. After taking into serious consideration students feedback, I changed the course completely in June 2021.This NEW AND IMPROVED MAJOR UPDATE is much easier to follow through and has a wealth of practical examples to help you understand concepts.In addition, I touch EVERY TOPIC that is important for you to know when you do a manual SEO Audit, including the latest Core Web Vitals.This course is the result of months of extremely hard work, and I truly hope you will take advantage of the knowledge shared!Manos***************************************************************************************************************Get Access to The NEW GOLD – “SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2021″”Knowledge is the new gold” and when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this statement couldn’t be any closer to the truth. You do understand that while you are reading this paragraph, your competitors are trying to outsmart you and outrank you, right? They want your clients, they want to take away from you what you have been worked so hard for, and they will have no remorse if they see you lose everything. Do you worry a little bit? I think you should… It is the Wild West out there, but it is OK! I have you covered! The intention of this course is to help you succeed by identifying problems and above all by discovering missed opportunities. When you conduct a proper manual Search Engine Optimization Audit (SEO Audit), you will ensure that the health of your website is up to speed, you are keeping up with search engine algorithm changes, technology changes, and you have the potential to beat competitors who are trying to outrank you at their own game! Once you have an excellent understanding of the current status of your SEO efforts, and you can see what needs to be done, then you will have your best chance to compete and above all win. This course does exactly that for you. “SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2021” represents pure gold – it is the knowledge you have been looking for to achieve the results you have been wanting. What are you waiting for? Enroll today All Udemy courses offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can only win!


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